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If, like me, you are a bit tired of the ethnocentric social commentary that seems to come with certain well known guidebooks then you could do worse than try this one. Simple to use, well written and accurate, I found it invaluable and couldn't fault any
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ISBN: 9781588436856
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IN HER ANNUAL letter to shareholders earlier this year, Güler Sabanci, chairman and managing director of Sabanci Holding, one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates, offered a couple of reasons for optimism in 2016: “the favorable turn in Turkey’s relations with the EU” and “the immense opportunities in store” for her country in the coming year. Just six months later, it’s a radically different picture. Turkey is currently under a state of emergency, as it has been since a failed coup attempt in July. The resulting purge, which has removed more than 80,000 people from public duty—including thousan
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Arthere in Istanbul’s Kadiköy is an independent art space taken in Istanbul, Turkey on December 12, 2016 by Derya Yücel/SyriaUntold This story was originally written for Syria Untold by Nathalie Rosa Bucher. It is republished here as part of a partnership agreement.  Istanbul’s art market and its artistic scene have gradually been opening up since the mid-90s and reaching out to other countries. However, exchanges to Syria, were non-existent five years ago. A few individuals and collectives, consisting mostly of Syrians but also Turkish, Arab and European nationals have set up structures to
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