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Naples and its environs offer a world of contrasts. This guide shows you how to discover them all: Plush resorts on the coast and islands, Greek and Roman excavations, plus street theater and musical performances everywhere. The dramatic Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. Capri, where Roman emperors Nero and Hadrian had their getaway villas. You can still visit them today. Positano, the most photographed fishing village in the world, clinging to a rock above the sea. The excavated Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the ancient villas at Stabia and Oplontis and superlative Greek temples at Paestum. The volcanic hissing beaches and bubbling spas on Ischia, sulphur-laden fumaroles at Pozzuoli, and the sublime Mt. Vesuvius, with its verdant slopes, craggy craters and majestic tides of lava. The superb gastronomic specialties of Campania are everywhere: mouth-watering pizza (invented here), handmade pasta and sophisticated seafood. The author shows you how to experience Naples & the Bay intensely and unforgettably, while providing details about the foods, the sights, the many unforgettable walks and hikes, the best places to stay (whether you want a charming B&B, a 16th-century palazzo or a luxurious spa) and restaurants all with the insight of an insider.

Hedonistic resorts are counterbalanced here by Greek and Roman excavations. Tour Pompeii and Herculaneum, an amphitheater or a submerged city. Visit hissing beaches and bubbling spas on Ischia. Take in the gastronomic specialties of gourmet pizza, handmade pasta and fresh seafood. Here is a guide to it all, from art and vineyards to fashions and antiques. Cooking and language classes are featured. Index, color photos, town and regional maps.

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